• Student Center

    Students are on all sides of the minimum wage debate. They get fed phony economics theories by teachers and the media, promoting the idea that government can magically give people raises without hurting others.

    Young adults are also among those most hurt by minimum wage hikes that kill jobs, force reductions in hours at other jobs, drive jobs to other countries and get workers replaced by machines. Summer jobs and part-time jobs have been great experience-builders for young adults for generations, but government mandates like the minimum wage have reduced job opportunities for young people.

    And some young people with minimum wage jobs actually benefit (at least in the short term) when minimum wage hikes take effect – but the media doesn’t want to report on them because part of the scam is to pretend most minimum wage earners are adults with families.

    Look: you need to educate yourselves on the realities of the minimum wage, not just fall for the slogans tossed around.

    The minimum wage should be a starter wage that gives people valuable work experience, and that leads to bigger and better things. Entry-level jobs should not be your destination.

    The best hope for the poor and unemployed is a job. You should use your influence as, literally, “The Future” to support policies that create jobs – lots of jobs – so America can be a place of rising wages and opportunity.

    Don’t fall for the phony Siren Song of the minimum wage. Like a free lunch, it never ends up being free.

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