• Government-mandated minimum wages hurt the poor and unemployed

    When you look at the poor in America, do you know what factor is widespread?

    They are not in the workforce.

    The best way to escape poverty is to get a job.

    Ask yourself a question. Seriously, actually ask yourself this question: is it better for a poor person’s future to be on welfare, or to have a job?

    It’s an important question because in the United States, politicians have decided that it is often better for that person to be on welfare. They have made it ILLEGAL for an unemployed person or one on welfare to take a job for less than the ever-rising, government-mandated minimum wage.

    But every minimum wage law passed in the states and by Congress has two giant loopholes: jobs exported to other countries, and jobs replaced with machines, are EXEMPT from minimum wage mandates.

    That is a big part of why so many jobs have left America and gone to China, India, Mexico and elsewhere, and why a smaller percentage of Americans are working now than at any time in the last 30 years.

    It’s why when you call a business, your call is often routed halfway around the world: to escape America’s government-mandated wages and other job-killing regulations. It’s a big reason why every toy in the toy store, and every craft in the craft store, is made in China.

    Nothing kills hope faster than joblessness. Studies show someone out of work just six months is, a decade later, still economically behind otherwise comparable peers who did not have a jobless period.

    An unemployed person at the bottom rung of our economy needs a job – any job – to start building a record of diligence, hard work and reliability. And to learn those life skills that only showing up on time every day can instill.

    So if you think you are kind and caring because you support higher minimum wage mandates, think again. Sure, you will help some people get a raise, but you will crush other people’s lives in the process. And the people harmed are often Black and/or Hispanic, communities who have unemployment rates far higher than those of Asians and whites.

    It’s not compassionate to tell someone who can’t get anyone to hire them at the current minimum wage that you are going to raise the minimum wage even further, making it that much harder for them to find a job.

    It’s time to end our mindless support for more government mandates, and instead adopt smart policies to grow jobs IN AMERICA and replace idleness, welfare and government dependency with a culture of work and opportunity.