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    Minimum wage hikes kill U.S. jobs

    Picture these four actual people.

    One is a salesman who is making more money every year. What does he sell? He sells self-service checkout machines to supermarkets and dollar stores, and self-serve ordering kiosks to fast-food and quick-service restaurants. His business is growing every year, but it used to be a hard-sell. The Chinese-made machines are expensive, and businesses were worried customers would be annoyed by not having an actual worker help them check out or order.

    But every time the minimum wage is increased, the salesman finds his job gets easier: his machine is more cost-effective, and the competition – paid employees – get more expensive. So he is now shopping for sports cars and is thinking about a bigger house. He is a winner in the new economy.

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  • Minimum wage agitators always want workers protesting the wrong people

    Does this make sense to you?

    For the past several years, union bosses and Democrat politicians have been telling fast food and retail workers who make minimum wage to protest or strike against their employer demanding $15 per hour.

    More than 99% of these workers have told Big Labor and their politician friends to pound sand, but a few actually do go out and denounce their employer at the unions’ bidding.

    But think about it: showing up for work with a particular employer is a voluntary act. If these angry workers could get better jobs, they would have already done it by now, right?

    So those few who protest their own employer are actually protesting the one employer they choose to work for out of the tens of millions of employers across America!

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