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    Minimum wage hikes kill U.S. jobs

    Picture these four actual people.

    One is a salesman who is making more money every year. What does he sell? He sells self-service checkout machines to supermarkets and dollar stores, and self-serve ordering kiosks to fast-food and quick-service restaurants. His business is growing every year, but it used to be a hard-sell. The Chinese-made machines are expensive, and businesses were worried customers would be annoyed by not having an actual worker help them check out or order.

    But every time the minimum wage is increased, the salesman finds his job gets easier: his machine is more cost-effective, and the competition – paid employees – get more expensive. So he is now shopping for sports cars and is thinking about a bigger house. He is a winner in the new economy.

    Two men work in Asia, helping US businesses outsource their jobs to less expensive foreign workers. They are making a killing with call centers. When Americans call customer support lines, including at cable companies, shipping companies, banks, and newspapers, their calls are often answered now not by American workers, but by less-expensive foreign workers. Foreign workers are not covered by the US minimum wage. The outsourcing consultants are also winners in the new economy, and they hope their success will help make the 21st century the Asian Century.

    Finally, there is the lesser-skilled worker in America. Or should we say, ex-worker. He needs a job to pay his bills and build a nest egg for retirement. He had been so excited when Democrat politicians and Big Labor groups announced they had secured a higher minimum wage for workers like him. But soon he lost his job. His boss said they did not need him anymore. He is not sure what happened. Rumors abound, that some jobs were sent to China or Mexico, and some say workers were replaced by machines.

    He is angry, and hopes unemployment or welfare will replace some of his lost income. But he knows he needs a real job, not a handout, if he is to succeed in the new economy.

    This worker, and so many others who are unemployed or soon will be, have been shafted by minimum wage mandates that forced companies to look at alternatives to American workers.

    It turns out Big Labor and the Democrat politicians and media forgot to tell people one important fact: Every minimum wage law has two giant loopholes: jobs exported to other countries, and jobs replaced by machines, are EXEMPT from minimum wage laws.